1. Improved muscle tone and dermal         contraction

  2. Increased collagen production, skin moisture, and facial circulation

  3. Reduction of under-eye bags, facial sagging, jowls, and puffiness

  4. Reduction of age spots, rosacea, scarring, and stress in the face

  5. Elimination of fine lines and reduction of larger wrinkles

  6. Tightening of pores

  7. Hormonal balancing for acne or dry skin

  8. Average of 5-10 years off the face

  9. Results last an average of 2-5 years


Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is not recommended for some pituitary disorders, heart disorders, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, for individuals who have a problem with bleeding or bruising, or who currently suffer from migraine headaches. Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture should not be administered during pregnancy, or during a bout of a cold, flu, acute allergy, or if experiencing an acute herpes outbreak.

Who Can’t Use It?

Relax. Revitalize. Rejuvenate.

Your session will include an incredible mix of therapies designed to meet your individual skin care needs.  Every session includes an aromatherapy treatment of a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil applied to the palms of the hands and soles of the feet to relax the body and calm the mind, a full body acupuncture treatment in addition to your highly personalized facial rejuvenation session, and a gentle finishing facial massage to assist in smoothing away those lines and wrinkles. 

Course of treatment consists of 12 sessions – 2 per  week for 3 weeks followed by 1 per week for 6 weeks.  The effects tend to become noticeable and lasting around the seventh session.  Individual results vary, but with regular maintenance sessions, results can last an average of 2-5 years.

Treatment Timeline


An Alternative to Surgery

and Botox Injections

How It Works

The risks of Western methods of anti-aging include scarring, chronic bruising, nerve damage, and lengthy recovery periods.  Unlike these invasive methods, acupuncture offers a painless, drug- and risk-free procedure with virtually no side effects and zero recovery time.  A cost comparison of a surgical facelift in our area ($10,000+) to a course of 12 facial rejuvenation acupuncture sessions ($1475) makes the natural alternative more economical, too.  What’s more, people who choose acupuncture for facial rejuvenation report feeling refreshed and tranquil after their treatments because acupuncture enhances the health of the entire body, not just the face.

The principle of facial rejuvenation acupuncture is that it rebalances the body’s energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”).  As we age, the amount of Qi and blood in the skin and underlying facial muscles slowly begins to decrease, causing a loss of nourishment, support, and moisture.  Acupuncture points in the face are stimulated with very thin, sterile needles to increase blood, energy, and collagen to the area, which causes the skin to become more firm and supple.

Initial Session: $150, 2 hours

Follow-up Session: $120, 90 minutes

Package (20% discount): $1200, 12 sessions

Maintenance Session: $100, 90 minutes

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