A Note from the Owner
Regarding Changes to Our Business
Due to the Pandemic

It is with sadness that I have decided I will cease acupuncture and facial rejuvenation services at Remedy Healing Arts indefinitely and effective immediately. 


Why Is This Happening?

  • Since the pandemic began our country has not been able to adequately test in order to determine who is and is not a threat to the health of those inside my office. Many antibody tests remain unreliable.

  • We know that the SARS-COV-2 virus is communicable via asymptomatic people who may make up anywhere from 25-50% of the infected population. 

  • Based on all reputable accounts, it is highly likely that there will be at least one more wave of infection this year and possibly more into 2021. In the event that another wave precipitates a new shutdown order, the possibility of having to remain at home due to being high risk or of having to facilitate my son’s online schooling again means that I would have to close my office after only a few months of reopening adding to the financial burden I already have of having closed in March.

  • The nature of acupuncture requires that treatment involves touching a patient’s body while inside a closed room for privacy and remain with a patient from anywhere from 60-90 minutes. 

  • Facial acupuncture cannot be performed without the patient removing their mask and the practitioner being within only a few inches of the patient’s face and breathing area. 

  • Medical-grade PPE still remains expensive, difficult to source, and, until there are no longer shortages elsewhere, what little there is available should be prioritized for our most essential workers. 

  • Without medical-grade PPE and lacking any support staff, I cannot properly implement all of the best practices recommended by the CDC and Clinic Infection Control Advisory of the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to keep myself, my family, and my patients as safe as possible. Performing acupuncture without these practices in place puts me at odds with my professional ethical code which is unacceptable to me.

  • Without the ability to properly implement all clinic infection control best practices, I am also exposed to increased liability should any patient claim that they may have contracted COVID-19 at my office. Performing acupuncture without these practices puts me at legal risk that I am not willing to take.



What This Means for Current Clients

  • My priority is continuing to provide quality care for you for as long as you require it. To be clear, Remedy is NOT closing and will continue to offer nutritional visits and other Eastern supportive therapies and advice via remote consult. 

  • If circumstances change sometime in the future when I can reasonably and safely reopen my physical office to acupuncture and facial rejuvenation services again, then that change will be communicated.

  • This applies ONLY to acupuncture and facial rejuvenation acupuncture services. 

  • All Loyalty Rewards Points will be frozen and will no longer accrue or be redeemed until they can again be redeemed for acupuncture service. 

  • Nutritional visits will continue to be offered because they can be performed remotely. In order to continue to have access to and order supplements and herbs, nutritional patients must continue to be seen every at least every two months in order to track progress and ensure the supplement schedule is accurate.

  • As a result of the transition to completely remote services, I no longer require a physical office space. Plans are to sublease the remaining space to other businesses in the interim to help cover my overhead. Dr. Darnell Howard will continue to sublease out of my office for his chiropractic practice.

  • In addition to completing six continuing education classes, I have been working hard during the time away from my office to update and streamline the services I will be offering remotely to offer even more value to my clients. Exciting things are happening!


What Current Clients Should Do to Receive Remote Care

  • It is my hope that you will continue to see me remotely for care. The pandemic is not over. There is still no cure, treatment or vaccine for COVID-19. It is incredibly important that you continue to do everything you can to keep your immune system healthy and balanced right now. Again, Remedy is not closing, and, frankly, as a small business, I need all of the support I can get to keep my business going during this time.

  • During remote Targeted Telehealth Appointments, we can do A LOT to alleviate pain, digestive issues, anxiety, and other problems in over the phone or via Zoom. My clients who have continued care remotely have been surprised but delighted with their results.

  • When you book your Targeted Telehealth Appointment, I will mail you a complementary at-home self-care kit worth $80. This kit has easy-to-use tools in it that I have selected to help you at home. When we meet over the phone or via Zoom, I will go over each item in the kit and explain to you how to use it.

  • During every Targeted Telehealth Appointment, we will do a brief health intake, and I will determine an Eastern diagnosis and treatment plan. I will show you how to use the items in your kit along with various self-treatment methods such as acupressure, press seeds, moxabustion, etc. for relief as well as recommending herbs and supplements to help you.  


What Current Clients Should Do If They DO NOT Want Remote Care

  • If you decide to see another acupuncturist for in-person visits, I will be happy to assist you by creating a personalized transition plan and helping you to find another practitioner. You may also want to refer to your insurance directory for a list of in-network practitioners in the area. I will work with whomever you choose as appropriate to make continuation of care as smooth as possible. 


What This Means for New Clients

  • Remedy will begin seeing new clients for telehealth and nutritional visits starting in July 2020. 

  • I still need your referrals! Please direct prospective clients to book a free phone consultation with me via Schedulicity or via email.

  • New clients seeking acupuncture before July may contact me via email for a list of practitioners. They may also want to refer to your insurance directory for a list of in-network practitioners in the area. 


This Is Not the End but a New Beginning…


No one fully anticipated the level at which this pandemic would change our way of life. Choosing to stop practicing acupuncture has been one of the most difficult of my life. I hope that when this pandemic recedes that I can return to seeing patients safely in person. If, in the interim, you choose not to use my remote services, I want you to know that I have greatly valued our relationship and that I will remain available to assist you with your health should you need it.


In acupuncture school we were constantly taught “That which ceases to change, ceases to exist.” The SARS-COV-2 pandemic has created an overwhelming challenge to our world, but, as with every obstacle, it has also given us the opportunity to shift perspective, learn new skills, build community, and work cooperatively with others. Adversity makes us grow, and it is with the promise of this in mind that I can look forward to what comes next at Remedy with hope and confidence.


Thank you for your loyalty and support. I am humbled and grateful to work with you. Let us grow into this “new normal” together!



Yours in health, always,


Melissa Mulvaney, MAE, DiplAc, LAc, CCWFN, CCMH

Owner, Licensed Acupuncturist

Remedy Healing Arts, LLC

All Acupuncture Services to Cease; Remote Services to Continue

©2020 by Remedy Healing Arts, LLC. All rights reserved.