Asian Whole Food Therapy

You Are NOT What You Eat.
You Are What You Eat, Digest, Absorb and Eliminate!

As a nation, we eat poor-quality foods that have been stripped of nutrients. We do not consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of us get our whole grains from instant rice, refined wheat breads, pastas, and cereal. We eat a tremendous amount of prepackaged, pre-made meals. One-quarter of Americans eat at fast food restaurants each day. Americans are overfed and undernourished.


What you put into your body does make a difference. When we do not eat the right foods or put unhealthy substances (e.g. food additives, preservatives, junk and fast foods, sweets, incorrectly prepared foods, poorly combined foods, etc.) into our bodies, we become increasingly deficient in vitamins and minerals. Additionally, pollution of the air, water and food with chemicals, pesticides and other toxins drain the body of essential nutrients. No healing process is complete without proper nutrition to rebuild the body.

Poor nutrition and eating habits results in poor digestion, absorption and elimination of food. The long-term effects on the body result in unpleasant symptoms and loss of vitality. Digestion is considered to be one of the most important components of Asian medicine. If you’re eating wonderful food, but are unable to digest it well, the nutrients and benefits of that food are lost. Therefore, if your digestion is an issue, your practitioner will work to improve it through different modalities such as acupressure, moxabustion, herbs and easily digestible foods.

In your attempt to be as healthy as possible, one of the most confusing dilemmas you may face is what to eat. There is so much information and so many choices, diets, miracle foods, and even foods to avoid at all costs, that it’s difficult to know whether or not you’re eating the right stuff in the right way. In our attempt to sort out all of the frequently conflicting information about diet, we tend to label foods as good or bad. And while you know that chemically loaded products disguised as food are bad, figuring out what to eat beyond that isn’t always so clear.

Enter Asian Whole Food Therapy. This approach uses food as a tool to promote personalized healing. Under the ancient Asian medicines and with strong ties to Chinese dietary therapy and Classical Chinese Medicine, Asian Whole Food Therapy is based on the idea that each food has built-in properties. A food can warm or cool your body depending on its particular temperature, which is not about how hot or spicy it is, but how your body feels after you’ve eaten it. For example, ginger, garlic, scallions, and onions tend to warm you up, while cucumbers, bananas, and melons are cooling. Beyond temperature, foods also have an essential action on your body. Some foods are very dense and nourishing, others can drain fluids, and still others may be very moistening. In addition, foods can affect specific organs in your body.

Because each food has a variety of properties, a practitioner schooled in Asian whole food therapy can choose the foods that are most beneficial to your unique health needs. This is based on your overall body constitution, as well as any symptoms or illness you may be experiencing. It’s all about selecting the foods and cooking methods that are best-suited to your particular body and nutritional needs!

Asian Whole Food Therapy Services

A personalized plan, designed just for you


Step 1

Initial Consult & Paperwork

The initial complementary phone appointment is about 20 minutes. The purpose of this phone call is to discuss your overall health and wellness goals as well as effectively communicate our program to you. Any questions you have about our services will be answered here, and if you decide you would like to proceed, the next step is completing the online nutrition paperwork.

After the initial consult, you will be asked to complete and submit the online paperwork consisting of:

  • Terms of Acceptance

  • HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices & Acknowledgment Form

  • New Patient Intake & Medical History Form

  • Informed Consent & Arbitration Forms (4)

  • Office Policies Form

  • Consent Addendum for Telehealth Services

  • Asian Systems Survey Form

  • Endocrine (Kidney Yin/Yang) At-Home Tests

  • Functional Systems Survey

  • Toxicity (Wei Qi) Questionnaire 

  • Yeast (Wei Qi) Questionnaire

After the paperwork has been submitted, you will receive an email invoice for payment. Once payment has been made, your assessment appointment will be scheduled. Many clients find it helpful to have on hand a weight scale, basal body thermometer, blood pressure wrist cuff, and a small bottle of tincture of iodine (orange only).

Talking on phones

Step 2

Assessment -- Phone Appointment

With your online paperwork submitted, we proceed to assessment. Prior to this appointment, you may want to gather records and makes notes about the above topics. For example, if you take medications, please have the names of each medication and dosage readily available for the ease and efficiency of our time together.


The purpose of this phone appointment is to gather more data about your current state of health. It will take approximately 30 minutes. You will be asked more specific questions relating to the paperwork you completed. Some of the topics of the questions will include the following but are not limited to:

  • Medications & Supplements

  • Allergies & Areas of Pain

  • Health History & Surgeries

  • Family Health History

  • Occupation & Work Schedule

  • Self-Care Habits

  • Typical Diet

  • Bowel Movements

  • Menstruation

  • Sleep Habits

After the assessment has been completed, your results will be emailed to you, and you will be asked to schedule your next appointment to discuss them in detail.

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Step 3

Results -- Phone Appointment

Once you have received your assessment results via email, we will discuss the details via phone for about 30 minutes. The  purpose of this appointment is to communicate your specifically designed health program in full detail. Some of the topics we will discuss include the Systems Survey findings, the Asian Medicine Health Survey findings, and any whole food and/or herbal supplementation recommendations.

After our phone conversation, you will receive an additional email invoice for your supplement protocol. Prices vary based on your specific plan. As soon as your payment is received, your supplements and instructions will be drop shipped to you home address within 3 business days.

On the day you receive your program in the mail, Remedy will follow up with an email to confirm receipt and ensure you are ready to begin your program.

Healthy Food

Step 4

Food Diary Followup -- Phone Appointment

About 10-14 days into your program, I will follow up with a Food Diary appointment, about 30 minutes. The purpose of this appointment is to provide support and answer any questions that may have arisen during the first week of your program as well as to review the details of your food diary. Any changes or recommendations will be emailed to you for your records.

New Patient Price List


BASIC PROGRAM: Initial Month

20-min Appt -- Free Consult

30-min Appt -- Assessment

30-min Appt -- Report of Findings

30-min Appt -- Food Diary


BASIC PROGRAM:  Subsequent Months

60-min Appt -- Progress Assessment

  • Resubmit Paperwork

  • Report of Findings

  • Food Diary



20-min Appt -- Free Consult

30-min Appt -- Assessment

30-min Appt -- Report of Findings

30-min Appt -- Food Diary

30-min Appt -- Targeted Telehealth


ADVANCED PROGRAM: Subsequent Months

60-min Appt -- Progress Assessment

  • Resubmit Paperwork

  • Report of Findings

  • Food Diary

30-min Appointment -- Targeted Telehealth

Established Patient Pricing

  • Basic Program -- $120, 60 minutes

  • Advanced Program -- $160, 90 minutes