Targeted Telehealth Appointments

Balance Your Chi -- Remotely!

During these uncertain times, Remedy is  doing its utmost to continue providing care to clients while helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 infection, particularly to those who are the most vulnerable. With telehealth appointments, I can continue to bring ancient medicine into the modern world and provide routine care or support those with mild to moderate symptoms. As a practitioner of Classical Chinese medicine -- not just acupuncture, I do not have to see you in person to help you!


  • Pain (muscular, headaches, injuries)

  • Digestion problems

  • Sleep issues, stress-handling, anxiety, and depression

  • Immune support (sinus problems, colds, allergies)


Telehealth refers to the exchange of medical information through electronic communication to improve a patient’s health. After you schedule an appointment, I will email you a link to meet me in a private video conference or by phone. During our 50 minute session, we will discuss your condition and review your symptoms based on paperwork that you have submitted in advance. You may be asked to show your tongue or submit a photo of it in advance. I will determine a diagnosis and create a treatment plan targeted to your specific condition or needs. Then, I will guide you through your at-home care routine which may include: 

  • Acupressure

  • Press seeds

  • Moxabustion (heat therapy)

  • Self-cupping

  • Stretching suggestions

  • Therapeutic exercise advice

  • Meditation, qigong, and breathing exercises

  • Spiritual and lifestyle counseling

  • Diet and nutritional changes

  • Whole food supplements

  • Herbal prescriptions (patent formulas and custom blends)

For your convenience, I can ship most supplements and herbs directly to your home. Clients often are surprised and delighted how much relief they can get from a remote session together. 

“Wonderful. Melissa is truly concerned with full body assessment. She takes her time to ask and answer questions so that she and the patient are on the same page. I love acupuncture. It has been instrumental in stress management and total body balance. I feel energized and able to focus better after my sessions. It is an experience you just can’t find anywhere else.”

-- P.S.


New Patient, $120 -- 90 minutes

Established Patient, $80 -- 60 minutes

Intake, diagnosis, treatment plan, guidance on at-home care. Supplements and cost of shipping priced separately.